Spider-Man: Homecoming - 10 Valid Criticisms That Can't Be Ignored

9. It Lacks Emotion & Visceral Appeal

Spider-Man Homecoming Aunt May
Marvel Studios

Though Homecoming is plenty hilarious and captures the essence of Peter Parker extremely well, the film is rather lacking in emotion and visceral impact as far as Parker's overall arc goes.

While it's admirable that the script doesn't take the cheap route by having Aunt May or Liz get put in peril somehow, and they didn't lay on the paternal bond between Peter and Tony Stark too thickly, the film ultimately lacks much emotional weight or gravity, ultimately feeling too light and inconsequential for its own good. Again, this is a common MCU issue.

The single scene in the entire movie that really makes the audience worry about Peter occurs when he's trapped under rubble, but aside from that, the stakes feel absurdly low throughout, which somewhat lessens the feeling that Peter has actually learned much about himself over the course of the film.


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