Spider-Man: Homecoming - Every Secret You Need To Know

So just who bought the Avengers tower?

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Spider-Man: Homecoming has well and truly course-corrected the web-slinger's on-screen standing with fans, after a fleet of underwhelming movies and it became clear that Sony just didn't know what to do with the character.

Rolled into the Marvel Cinematic Universe, though, Spidey has finally found a warm, welcome home for himself, both with his own planned trilogy of movies and as part of the wider Avengers shenanigans with last year's Captain America: Civil War and next year's Avengers: Infinity War.

Though Homecoming is for the most part an agreeably lightweight outing for Spidey, the movie's six (!) screenwriters did manage to introduce a number of tantalising characters and dangling plot threads that may well pay off in Homecoming's sequel planned for 2019, or even in Infinity War itself.

This is above all else a movie made with love and care by people who actually respect and understand the source material, so while some of these elements may ultimately be cutesy nods to the fans more than anything actually indicative, they're still fun contributions to the wider lore of both Spidey and the MCU...

15. Scorpion Is Probably The Sequel's Villain

Michael Mando Scorpion
Marvel Studios

One of the most interesting nods towards future Spider-Man movies is the presence of Mac Gargan in two scenes, who comic fans will know as the villainous Scorpion.

He first shows up during the Staten Island Ferry sequence, and then again in jail during the mid-credits scene, the latter providing a nice close look at the scorpion tattoo on actor Michael Mando's neck, in case you hadn't yet realised who he was.

It's clear from Gargan's run-in with Adrian Toomes in prison that he's got every intention to murder Peter the first chance he gets, and while this could point to Scorpion appearing as the main villain in Homecoming 2, it's perhaps more probable that the lower-flying baddie will be part of a supervillain ensemble, most likely the Sinister Six.

After Sony failed to bring the iconic team to the big screen in a timely fashion, Marvel Studios is decidedly more likely to actually pull it off, given their innumerable successes adapting challenging and iconic material.


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