Spider-Man: Homecoming Reviews - 11 Critical Reactions You Need To Know

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Spider Man Homecoming Reviews
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Ever since it was announced two years ago that Spider-Man was joining the Marvel Cinematic Universe, his first solo outing has seemed like a sure hit. At last, Spidey was home.

Those feelings were only compounded last year when the character made his MCU debut, with Tom Holland delivering an exuberant, scene-stealing turn in Captain America: Civil War.

At that point, everything seemed to be going right, and Marvel apparently couldn't lose with Spider-Man: Homecoming. Holland was a perfect fit, they had a comedy director and writers, and were giving us a proper high school version of Peter Parker, with a massively talented - and also just massive - ensemble cast to complement him.

There were, however, a few doubts that started to creep in. The trailers ostensibly gave away the entire movie; there was still the Sony aspect to consider; would Vulture work as a villain?; a seeming mish-mash of tones; Tony Stark was in every damn scene.

Now, coming around a week after some strong initial reactions on Twitter, the full review embargo has been lifted and the critical appraisals are out, and we can learn exactly what a MCU Spider-Man movie is like.


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