Star Trek 3: 10 Reasons Why We Already Know It Will Suck

Undoubtedly, the two JJ Abrams directed Star Trek movies have been a huge commercial success. Due to clever marketing that…

Amarpal Biring



Undoubtedly, the two JJ Abrams directed Star Trek movies have been a huge commercial success. Due to clever marketing that hammered home the message that ‘’this isn’t your father’s Star Trek,’’ Abrams resurrected Star Trek and made it popular with the mainstream audience.

Heralded as a genius, Abrams has won the adulation of the press and casual audience for making a Star Trek film that is fun to watch while you eat over priced popcorn. People love the new sexy cast, the special effects and amazing action scenes.

But an ever-increasing voice is making itself known. A large number of long-term fans have taken to the Internet to let everybody know that they are not happy with the NU-Trek.

The nonsensical plot, pointless action and shameless ripping off of The Wrath Of Khan, Into Darkness might have been an enjoyable watch but it wasn’t Star Trek. Hardly surprising considering that Paramount and the producers tried their best to tone down the Star Trekness so that it appealed to the general public and overseas markets.

The 2009 movie might have been an ok way to set up the alternative timeline but Into Darkness was a massive drop of the ball. It got voted the worst Star Trek movie at the Las Vegas convention, and the criticisms prompted Simon Pegg and co-writer Bob Orci to tell annoyed fans to go f**k themselves.

At least we know Abrams & co have been listening and you can be sure that they will try to rectify the problems while trying to change very little when it comes to making Star Trek 3. After all, the Nu-Trek films made a lot of money; they don’t want to change that but they will want to deflect accusations that they are lazy and hacks.

But the cards are already stacked against Star Trek 3, all the evidence shows that they film will suck as much as the other two, much to the disappointment for those who want a bit of brain with the sparkle.

Think I’m jumping the gun and pre-judging, after all the film isn’t due out for another three years. But keep in mind that hopes were high that Into Darkness was going to be a huge step up from Star Trek 2009 and failed miserably.

Looking back, the signs were there but we all missed them because of blind faith that Abrams & Co knew what they were doing.

So to not be fooled again, here are 10 reasons why we already know that Star Trek 3 will suck.