Star Wars: 10 Worst Crimes Committed In Its Name

2. Give Me All Your Money, Or Hurt You I Will

yoda06 Even though he's a hero in the Star Wars films, Yoda remains a popular choice for aspiring criminals to disguise as. This baffles me because Yoda isn't really that intimidating and a Yoda mask has to be pretty uncomfortable what with the pointy ears and tiny head. Why not disguise as a badass villain like Boba Fett or General Grievous instead before going on your epic crime spree? Anyway the third Yoda-inspired crime to appear on this list occurred in June 2000 when two criminals attacked a bookie's office in London. One of the criminals was wearing a Yoda mask while both men carried weapons, one holding a pistol and the other holding a knife. The two criminals took all the cash they could carry and then sped off in a van. The raid was linked to another one in the area but word remains sparse as to whether or not these dastardly villains were ever caught. Given that it's been over a decade now, the law's investigation seems to have gotten the short end of (Yoda's walking) stick.
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