Unless you’ve actually been travelling across the Galaxy yourself this past week, you’ll have almost certainly been privy to the news of George Lucas lucrative deal with Disney over ownership of his fabled company Lucasfilm. Indeed it looks like Lucas’ wavering integrity finally gave out entirely and according to sources he let the company that he built from the ground go for a staggering figure – around the $4 billion mark.

Immediately following the development was the news that Disney are, perhaps quite inevitably, planning a new Star Wars trilogy beginning with Episode 7. And with that, millions of old ‘Wars fans worldwide breath a collective sigh of disappointment and try to push the whole thing out of our minds.

I guess you can find things to be excited about – hey, Lucas didn’t exactly preserve his former excellence with his new Star Wars trilogy, so maybe Disney’s attempt will represent a return to glory? Maybe. And maybe we’ll solve world hunger this year. Both could happen, sure, but both are probably about as likely as the other.

Yes, I’m a hopeless cynic. No, I’m not sorry. So without further chatter, let’s delve into why I think the new Star Wars reboot (for that’s essentially what it is) will almost definitely suck.

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This article was first posted on November 7, 2012