Star Wars Episode 9: 7 More Rumours You Need To Know

Doctor Who? Doctor Palpatine, that's who.

20th Century Fox/BBC

With filming on Star Wars: Episode IX currently underway, the production is in that sweet spot where rumours, "plot leaks" and speculative reports begin to swirl at a rapid, uncontrollable pace.

No matter the reception to Solo and The Last Jedi, a Star Wars movie is always going to draw attention while shooting, and even though we're still a good year away from Episode IX's release, it's never too early to start discussing an event movie of this size.

And while there isn't a whole lot of concrete information to fuel those discussions with (with so much bad press over the last two years, Lucasfilm is smartly keeping its head down and quietly toiling away on the movie) we do have quite a lot of recent rumours to add to the bunch we brought you over the summer.

J.J. Abrams is a notoriously secretive director, so expect any substantial, official details to be kept on lockdown for as long as he can manage. For now, the rumour mill has to do the talking, and in typical Star Wars fashion, it's got quite a lot to say...


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