Suicide Squad 2: 7 Characters Dave Bautista Could Play

5. Bane

Bane DC Rebirth
DC Comics

How fitting for an actual wrestler to play a character with an occasional link to wrestling himself? Bane's origin in the 1960s TV show was as a luchadore, he wears the mask (obviously) and he was played by Jeep Swenson in Batman & Robin, so it would be a nice continuation for Bautista to take over the mantle.

The thing about Bane is that he has to be intelligent despite his brutal physicality, considered despite his raw power. He's a little like Drax in that respect and Bautista could absolutely pull that sort of dynamic off.

Bane might not be the best sort of character to really sell Bautista's comedic skills, but he's the one that the wrestler would look best as.

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