Suicide Squad 2: Casting James Gunn's DCEU Sequel

12. The Rock - Black Adam

The Rock Black Adam
DC Comics/Universal Pictures

We know that Dwayne Johnson's Black Adam is coming to the DC film universe sooner or later, even though he's apparently not involved in Shazam! at all (don't rule out a cameo, though). Right now, it looks like that will be in his own movie, but it would be a lot more interesting - particularly with him eyeing up a clash with Superman - to have him established as a big deal elsewhere first.

Dropping him into the end of Suicide Squad 2 as the sequel-tease for a third movie (assuming they WANT to continue their lucrative brands isn't too silly at this stage) would be a great way of doing that and it would establish him as a threat big enough to warrant the Squad's involvement.

Hell, if that sort of cameo seeding works for the MCU, why not here?

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