Suicide Squad 2: Now Dave Bautista Wants To Join James Gunn's Sequel

Drax actor continues his charm offensive on Marvel Studios...

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Just as pretty much everyone predicted when the news first broke, former WWE star and current Marvel Studios actor Dave Bautista has very publicly affirmed his enthusiasm to join James Gunn on the newly reborn Suicide Squad 2 project.

Using all of the skills he's honed over the years cutting promos on other wrestlers, Bautista has been a pretty vocal defender of Gunn since he was fired from Guardians Of The Galaxy Vol 3 for historical offensive tweets and he's pulled no punches when discussing his current contract holders. Perhaps because his entertainment career started out in a world where kayfabe-bashing your boss was heartily encouraged, he did lots of this on Twitter, presumably to Marvel's utter delight.

And now, despite the fact that he's obligated to return for the third Guardians movie (assuming Marvel doesn't change their mind and book him to lose, to continue the wrestling parlance), Bautista has taken to Twitter again to express his desire to join up with Gunn is he's the man to direct the follow-up to David Ayers' divisive original.

Does he even care that he's contracted to Disney any more? Is he trying to antagonise them? Bautista has already said that he would prefer not to return if Marvel don't use Gunn's Vol 3 script and with Marvel putting the film on hold, it's unclear what the way forward is. Particularly as the cast so openly put their weight behind Gunn in the wake of his firing.

How this will affect Bautista's current working relationship with Marvel is unclear, but he's finished Avengers 4 duties now and we should find out something about Guardians Vol 3 in the near future, presumably. By then, it'll be pretty clear whether he'll be able to join Gunn on Suicide Squad 2.

And then we can start talking about why he should be playing Solomon Grundy.

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