Suicide Squad: 28 WTF Moments

The longest rant in comic book movie history.

Suicide Squad WTF

Looking back at the story of the suicide Squad's production, it's not at all surprising that the film hasn't exactly been beloved on all sides. The good intentions of method preparation and in-character weirdness (mostly by Jared Leto, it has to be said) were over-ruled by a studio with itchy trigger fingers, a director with several visions and not enough restraint and an edit that seems to have chopped out some pretty key scenes.

It's actually got to the point that the production story might well be a better watch than the film itself, which might be the most disappointing movie revelation of 2016 so far.

It should have been DC's Deadpool, or a free swing for the fence without the constraints put on the mainline of DC movies. Unfortunately someone seems to have let the pressure get to them and the film is now a tale of half-developed ideas, oddities and flat-out WTF decisions that make it an absolute circus to watch.

Cataloguing those moments that left jaws hanging, heads being scratched and inspired absolutely wild, insane enjoyment in the perverse fans is a hell of a thing. But hold on to your butts, because here goes nothing.

And by Skwad are there a lot of them...

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