SUPERMAN: MAN OF STEEL a go! Singer still on board, but the writers are out!

Studio sources suggest that SUPERMAN RETURNS writers Michael Dougherty and Dan Harris are out and the TRANSFORMERS scribes are in...

We've spoken many, many times about Superman Returns and my gross dislike of the film and my huge disappointment at the direction that Bryan Singer took with the picture after making several great movies, including two good comic book flicks with X-Men and X-Men 2. But I've also always said that I'm not adverse to giving Singer another go. He has in the past talked about going "Wrath of Khan" on the movie and I would really like to see a darker Supes flick. Something that doesn't involve Lex Luthor for a change. Maybe something that doesn't heavily involve Lois Lane, especially if Kate Bosworth is playing the character again.

The future of Superman: The Man of Steel has been extremely uncertain with both Bryan Singer and Warner Bros. execs being far more interested in working on other projects. I mean the whole point of the JLA flick was to replace Superman sequel on the release schedule. But the interest is finally back for the franchise. Here's IESB...
Ok, here's the big news, Robert has informed me that he has confirmed that yes, Bryan Singer is 100% on the sequel to his 2004 revamp Superman Returns. He has since confirmed this with studio sources so take this one to the bank. Word is Transformers/Star Trek scribes Roberto Orci and Alex Kurtzman are considering being behind the project... The pair are apparently in talks and have had "several meetings" regarding the film.
Orci & Kurtzman again? So that's Superman, Transformers, Mission Impossible and Star Trek... four massive universes they have shaped with their writings. Is it really such a good thing for these franchises to be written by the same writers and their same formula? And was Transformers REALLY that good to warrant these guys working on Supes? Yeah, it made a ton of money but it wasn't Shakespeare. Good to hear work is back on for a Superman sequel. I actually would rather see that than a JLA film BUT there does need to be a complete overhaul from the original film. I wouldn't go as far as the Hulk movie and re-cast everything but I would say a movie that is distanced from Richard Donner and the vision from Superman Returns is definitely needed.
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