Alex Kurtzman


Star Trek: Every Enterprise Ranked Worst To Best

Does it come with a bloody A, B, C or D?
By Sean Ferrick

Alex Kurtzman To Direct The Mummy Reboot

Universal Pictures to resurrect The Mummy... again.
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15 Blunders That Ruined J.J Abrams' Star Trek And Destroyed The Franchise

Star Trek was more than just catchphrases, warp spreed and firing phasers...
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Star Trek 2 Title Is 75% Likely To Include Words 'Star Trek'

Noel Clarke reveals he knows the title but isn't sure if his character will make it to the…
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Tom Cruise is Van Helsing As Universal Resurrect Film Monsters

By Matt Holmes

J.J. Abrams Considering Settings From TV's Lost As "A Jungle Planet" In STAR TREK 2?

Other locations that have been scouted include a museum in Los Angeles as a stand-in for "a…
By Matt Holmes

Hidden Gems of Comics: Star Trek: Countdown

Speaking as a Star Trek fan, I loved this book. Speaking as someone who loves a good story, I…
By Guest Writer

Benicio Del Toro is STAR TREK 2 Villain!

Inevitably the fanboys think he will play Khan but we have more faith in J.J. Abrams creating a…
By Matt Holmes

J.J. Abrams Scouting Locations For STAR TREK 2

Casting should begin soon along with plot/story reveals for the much anticipated sequel to…
By Matt Holmes

J.J. Abrams WILL Direct STAR TREK 2

So Star Trek 2 is coming… finally. And in a few months we should start to hear plot/story…
By Dean Madden