Terminator 5 Set In The 1940s With Dwayne Johnson?

Will the upcoming Terminator 5 take a leaf out of the X-Men franchise and go period for its next entry?…

Matt Holmes


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Will the upcoming Terminator 5 take a leaf out of the X-Men franchise and go period for its next entry?

A report from Examiner (dated June 7th but nobody noticed it until today!) claims that one idea for Terminator 5 is for it to be set in the 1940s and 1950s, focusing on a Terminator(s) travelling back in time to kill a target, most likely Sarah Connor’s parents, thus attempting to wipe the original film’s protagonist out of history before she was even born.

Arnold Schwarzenegger would play a “heroic human figure” that attempts to save the Connor’s… his bravery and effectiveness with antiquated weaponry the explanation for what inspires the machines to use his likeness for future Terminators.

Additionally, the website claims that for this scenario (of which it seems a few ideas exist) producers are courting Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson to join the film as the baddie. If they went down this path it may all come down to scheduling… Johnson is currently filming the big blockbuster movie Hercules out in Hungary, but with production for Terminator 5 not expected to start until January, there’s a good chance he could line-up for T5.

Johnson of course, whose career is often much compared to Arnie due to his wrestling background turned Hollywood action superstar, would clearly make a great additional Terminator… a role he was forever linked with taking over from Schwarzenegger in the years he was Governor. And this 40s/50s rumoured Terminator 5 plot is really interesting, particularly if they do a “J.J. Abrams” Star Trek and the Terminator actually succeeds and kills off Connor’s parents before she is born, creating an alternative timeline that could be interesting to explore in future movies and effectively giving the franchise a clean slate.

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Although we should note this is just “one idea” that Examiner claims is being branded around for T5 and already it might have been quashed. We shouldn’t forget that Arnold Schwarzenegger recently confirmed that his role was as The Terminator and not as a human.

Writers Patrick Lussier (Drive Angry, My Bloody Valentine 3D) and Laeta Kalogridis (Avatar, Shutter Island) are expected to turn in their finished script to the producers in the next few weeks. Paramount will distribute the film in 2015, though no director is set just yet (Fast And Furious franchise helmer Justin Lin was previously courted by Arnie and the producers and is likely favourite to helm here).