The Dark Knight Rises: 9 Things Nolan Should Have Done

With his trilogy-ender now well in the past, we look at 9 things we think Nolan could have done differently.

Stuart W. Bedford


It’s been a good couple of months now since Nolan’s third and final Dark Knight movie hit cinemas, but people are still wrapped up in discussing it. Perhaps quite famously, Nolan’s take on the Dark Knight’s world has become something of a hotly contested topic and has split fans quite neatly down the middle.

I’ve been quite vocal in my criticism of Nolan’s take on the franchise, and I’ve admittedly come under some pretty vicious fire for my opinions in the past, but still, I just can’t bring myself to fully get behind this new franchise; TDKR in particular.

Maybe I’m too precious about Batman, and I’ll be the first to admit it – I’ve been following the character most of my life, and he’s acted as inspiration through some difficult times – but I’m also a student of film. Far from this perfect, definitive Batman story that many are insisting it is, in TDKR I didn’t only see a weak Batman adaptation, but also an imperfect movie – not terrible by any definition, but flawed in too many places for it to be considered anywhere near as good as some are angrily insisting it is.

To a certain extent, the greatness of Nolan’s Bat-trilogy relied on how he ended it, and for me and many others, that was somewhat unsatisfactorily. I think Nolan could have, should have done things differently, especially in TDKR. Here are nine of those very things.