THE DARK KNIGHT RISES Prologue Only Screened at 5 IMAX Cinemas In The UK

It is attached to IMAX 70mm projection prints only of Mission Impossible 4, meaning you’ll only see it at Bradford National Media Museum, Glasgow Science Center, London BFI Imax Theatre, London Science Museum and Odeon Manchester.

Matt Holmes


Updated: As you can see in the comments, there is actually only four cinema’s showing the prologue as London Science Museum isn’t screening Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol.

As we reported several weeks ago, seeing The Dark Knight Rises six minute prologue (which Chris Nolan has now confirmed is the first six or seven minutes of the film itself) in theatres isn’t going to be as easy as turning up to your local cinema to see Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol and expecting it to play. No, you are going to have to do a little research before hand and even knowing where The Dark Knight Rises prologue will screen may not even help your cause.

The Dark Knight Rises visual effects supervisor Paul Franklin has confirmed what we were previously warned that the prologue will only play with 70mm projection IMAX theatres and not digital ones. Chris Nolan and Warner Bros are being extremely rigid on this and they are only allowing it to be screened in the format they want it to be.

Here’s the full list of where it will and won’t play in the UK and worldwide. What you need to be looking at is the number 1570.

So in the UK, The Dark Knight Rises prologue will only be attached to five different venues in four different cities; Bradford National Media Museum, Glasgow Science Center, London BFI Imax Theatre, London Science Museum and Odeon Manchester. Everywhere else you see Mission: Impossible – Ghost Protocol, in IMAX or not, you simply won’t get the prologue.

Which means, basically, the nearest cinema for me (which would have been Gateshead, Metro Centre) is ruled out as it’s digital IMAX and the closest to me is several hours drive away in Bradford. At this point that appears to be the only way I’m going to be able to see the IMAX prologue without a crappy bootlegged version online. Warner Bros didn’t release the last prologue (the opening scene of The Dark Knight which featured The Joker) online and it’s doubtful they will for this one.

Australian Gothamites in Sydney are actually going to be the lucky ones as it appears the prologue will play December 14th there as MI:4 is opening exclusively in IMAX two days earlier than in the U.S. on December 16th. The film then goes wide December 21st but not until December 26th in the UK.

We do however expect the first full length trailer for The Dark Knight Rises to be attached to worldwide prints of Sherlock Holmes: A Game of Shadows from December 16th.