The Reason Iron Fist Season 2 Doesn't Include Moon Knight

Could Marvel be saving the hero for the big screen?

Iron Fist Moon Knight

Iron Fist Season 2 won't be streaming until later this year (September, to be exact), but Netflix have been marketing the series for a good few months now. It's fair to say that anticipation for the latest entry in Marvel's Netflix shows isn't as high as the streaming giant would've hoped, but still, all signs so far point towards the follow-up improving on Iron Fist's first season, which was criticised for everything, from shoddy choreography to poor dialogue.

Now, as the premiere draws closer, Season 2 showrunner M. Raven Metzner has been answering fan questions over on Twitter and, somewhere along the way, the conversation soon turned to Moon Knight. The character, who was introduced in 1975, had long been touted to appear on Marvel's Netflix shows until Disney announced a streaming service of their own, but it still looks as though Metzner and his Iron Fist writers had their interests piqued by the hero, though they do stop short of confirming they had plans to use him at some point.

But while Metzner does clarify that these conversations were never going to lead to the character cameoing, with the topic only emerging in light of the vigilante's similarities with Daredevil villain Typhoid Mary, there could be a reason as to why they never moved beyond that stage.

Moon Knight has been a character on everyone's lips for the last year or so now, with Kevin Feige having remarked prior to Infinity War's premiere that the hero was on Marvel Studios' list "character cards." Shortly after that, Infinity War writers Christopher Markus and Stephen McFeely said they wanted someone to make a "really good Moon Knight movie", and Red Skull actor Ross Marquand even seemed to throw his hat into the ring by singing the praises of the character at a convention back in January.

In light of all of this, it would appear as though Marc Spector is being reserved for a big screen appearance of his own, hence the lack of inclusion. You'd imagine that Marvel Studios have the final say on characters who can and can't be used in Marvel TV productions, and though Moon Knight may look like a natural fit for Netflix, all signs point towards New York's Spector taking to the streets on the big screen, rather than its smaller counterpart.

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