The Single Biggest Mistake Each MCU Film Has Made

And no, this does not include the Mandarin twist.

Marvel Studios

Ten years ago, it would've been impossible to guess just how huge the Marvel Cinematic Universe would become, especially since it started out with a very risky film that focused on an obscure superhero.

A decade on, with 20 films having been released and over $15 billion in revenue, the MCU is now not only the world's biggest franchise, but it's also one of its best.

The MCU has overall been excellent and nearly all of the films have made for excellent entertainment. That being said, it hasn't always been a completely perfect run for Marvel Studios.

All of the films, even the very best ones, have inevitably made various mistakes and slip-ups. That is unavoidable, but at the same time a lot of these mistakes keep occurring across multiple films in a highly frustrating manner.

The franchise does undeniably have its issues, but the recent MCU films have mostly been strong and, even after ten years, the MCU is only getting better and better. In order to ensure that the franchise continues the current high standard, there are many mistakes in each MCU film that need to be avoided.

Bu what's the biggest slip-up each movie has made? Time to find out.


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