Thor: The Dark World – 10 Ways To Make It Better Than Iron Man 3

The trailers for Thor: The Dark World have so far given us several clues to what we will bear witness…

K.J. Stewart


thor the dark world

The trailers for Thor: The Dark World have so far given us several clues to what we will bear witness to in the upcoming Marvel cinematic universe epic.

It looks as though Loki may redeem himself and that someone very close to Thor will die. We know that Malekith, Kurse and the Dark Elves are set to appear as villains. We know there will be a lot of devastation on Earth but we also know there will be more exploration of all of the nine realms.

But what of the possible characters, entities and events that haven’t yet been alluded to in the trailers or other media that we’ve seen related to the November release?

Here are ten things we would like to see in Thor: The Dark World (note; I’m not greedy or ridiculously unrealistic, I don’t want to see all ten – that would be madness – I’d just be happy to see any of these things!) and that would make it more enjoyable than Iron Man 3…


10. What Thor Can Really Do

Thor has, of course, been quite the formidable fighter in his outings in the Marvel cinematic universe so far (Thor and Avengers: Assemble), yet he is still a far cry from the power level he has shown in the comics.

In the comics, Thor is able to lift thousands of tonnes, can move quicker than the eye can see, can track objects that move quicker than light and can also fly at the speed of light thanks to Mjolnir. He is also able, when pressed in battle, to enter a state known as ‘Warrior Madness’ which amps his strength and stamina tenfold (though it does cloud his judgement, meaning he will attack friends as well as foes in this state).

It would be nice to see him really let loose amidst such imminent peril, which is what we are led to believe the universe is on the verge of in Thor: The Dark World, and show us what he’s really capable of.