Top 10 Most Anticipated Films Still To Come This Year

It’s been a great year for films already, but we suspect the best is yet to come. Here’s our rundown of what awaits us as 2012 draws to a close.

Tom Buxton


It’s been quite a year so far – from War Horse to The Muppets, from Avengers Assemble to The Dark Knight Rises – and there’s been plenty of cracking film content on the big-screen since 2012 first dawned upon us nearly nine months ago now. What with the so-called “Summer Of Film” now officially done and dusted, though, you might well assume that the best of this year has been and gone, leaving us with a dissatisfying sense of isolation from our local theatres between now and 2013. Thankfully, that’s by no means the case, quite the opposite; in fact, I’d be willing to wager that the best is yet to come!

So just what other flicks can you expect to make big waves in terms of critical and/or commercial success in weeks to come? I’ve compiled a list of the ten most promising movies set for release in the next three months or so, a list that’s most certainly likely to evoke controversy from the noisier film-fans among you. Feel free to leave your comments, I’ve done my best to delve into the obscure (as a British cinema-goer) and the mainstream side of things, and thus with any luck you’ll find more than a couple of worthy watches highlighted here. Let the countdown begin…


10. The Muppet Christmas Carol: 20th Anniversary Edition

If ever there was a chance to simply let ourselves revel in nostalgia for ninety minutes in the final-third of 2012, it’s with the recently announced UK re-release of the classic festive puppet romp The Muppets Christmas Carol. This charming project has always held a special place in my film-fan heart ever since I first watched it as a kid, and thus the chance to catch it again and feel the warm, tingly-merry sensation that the whimsical songs and Michael Caine’s beautifully portrayed incarnation of Scrooge bring with it is just too great an opportunity to miss.

Earlier this year, The Muppets garnered much the same well-deserved success here in the UK for many of the same reasons, a testament of a kind to the popularity of Jim Hensen’s famed puppet ensemble and indeed their longevity over the years. The brand is an acquired taste, of course, yet for good will and utter charm this upcoming festive season you really won’t get anything that does the job much better than their version of Dickens’ classic tale.

Released on December 11th.