Twilight Breaking Dawn Part 2: 10 Reasons It Sucked

9. Awful CGI

This has been a frequent complaint for the series; the standard of the visual effects, for a franchise which has cost several-hundred million dollars to produce, is absolutely abominable. And what's more, the quality of the effects doesn't really seem to have improved one bit since the first film; it's as though they cheaply farmed the work out to some low-rent effects house to cut costs, and they're just re-using the same models they rendered for the first film. To be fair, the wolves look rather good when they're standing still, but the second they move, they're rendered close to incomprehensible in a horrible motion blur. And then there's the scenes of vampires running fast; the opening scenes of the film show a lot of Bella running around, experimenting with her new abilities, meaning we get a bunch of cheesy shots of Kristen Stewart running against what is clearly a green-screened background, and then blurry effects of a figure of some kind darting about a forest. It's like someone smeared butter all over the camera lens.

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