Why All 13 Pixar Movies Secretely Point To An Apocalypse

wall-e There's a very good chance that many of you reading this have heard of the fan theory regarding Pixar films that says each movie represents a vision of a world headed towards the apocalypse. It's an insane theory for sure and I have no doubt that it isn't true but it's really fun to entertain and think about regardless. When I first heard someone mention the theory I thought it was hilarious and, honestly, pretty stupid but then I started really thinking about it because I have nothing better to do with my free other than ponder if a series of kids films is secretly about the destruction of mankind. Not every film connects evenly with the overall theory but some of them have an uncanny way of fitting into place that adds a weird, slightly more sinister undertone to some of the movies. Pixar films have a lot of depth just by themselves but it is really is a testament to how brilliant they are that their stories seem so simple but can remain open to many different interpretations and I want to honor that openness with this list. I decided to just start going through the Pixar filmography with Toy Story since it's their first and end with Brave with it being their last.

1. Toy Story (1995)

Toy Story Toy Story sets up the entire world that all Pixar films take place in. It establishes that all things can be possible and uses sentient toys as its means of showing that anything can be intelligent in the world of Pixar. This is more important later in the list but for now it's just enough to get us started. The toys are shown to be extremely cunning and resourceful yet they remain hidden from their owners. They are shown to love their human owners and want to get back to them at all costs. This makes the toys, essentially, the good guys here that will inevitably have to battle the creatures of the world.
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