WONDER WOMAN still in development

WB have set the writers of the much talked about WW-II set script to come up with a new concept and idea.

Matt Holmes


Not only was Joel Silver talking Justice League at the recent Speed Racer press junket but also the long time in development Wonder Woman movie.

He says WB have set Brent Strickland and Matthew Jennison to come up with a whole new script after they bought but then rejected their first Wonder Woman spec set during the time of WW-II.


Many who have read the script have praised the two guys for coming up with an original superhero concept but WB decided against filming it.

Silver hinted that the new concept is likely to be an origin story and it would exist in it’s own continuity separate to any JLA movie.

On the subject of directors – no-one has been attached to the project since Joss Whedon departed last February and when IESB pressed Silver about the possibility of the Wachowski’s directing, he got a coy no comment but did say that the Wachowski’s did have a cool idea of how to open the film during a casual conversation.

Wachowski’s? I like that they are aiming high but we’ve heard these sentiments for the Green Lantern and The Flash stand-alone movie AND the Justice League movie – it’s getting tiring talking about all these superhero projects which might happen.