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10 Movies Much Better Than The One Thing You Remember Them For

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10 Films Intended To Be R-Rated That Got Neutered To PG-13

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10 Actors Most Likely To Be The Next James Bond - Ranked

Could Loki be Bond?
By Jack Pooley

10 Best Movie Cameos Of 2018 (So Far)

Brad Pitt outta nowhere.
By Jack Pooley

10 Most Ominous Cinematic Prisons

From monsters to utter isolation, these places are hell epitomized.
By Natasha Lopusina

20 Highest Grossing Actors Of All Time

Who's bringing in the big bucks?
By Laura Holmes

6 Movie Characters Who Were Just Too Damn GOOD To Die

Some dead meat is just too cool to die...
By Simon Gallagher

9 Upcoming Movie Passion Projects You Aren't Ready For

Who needs blockbusters and sequels?
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9 Times Actors Genuinely Bled In Movie Scenes

"You made me bleed my own blood!"
By Simon Gallagher

Ant-Man And The Wasp: Is The Sequel Better Than The Original?

Is this more a Winter Soldier or a Dark World?
By Scott Banner

9 Rejected Ideas That Were Recycled In Other Movies

Waste not, want not.
By Simon Gallagher

12 Things You Learn Rewatching Die Another Day

The horror, the horror.
By Jack Pooley

Avengers 4: 9 Ways Thanos Could Be Killed

Time to wipe that smile off his face...
By Simon Gallagher

10 Actors Who Really Did It In Movies

Now that’s what you call dedication to your craft.
By Helen Jones

Avengers: Infinity War - 25 Scenes Before The Special Effects

Thanos doesn't look quite so menacing...
By Simon Gallagher

Oscars 2019: Predicting The 10 Best Popular Films Nominees

Which blockbusters will be vying for Oscar gold...
By William Jones

The Meg: 7 Reasons It's The Best Dumb Movie Of 2018

It's less Jaws, and more Deep Blue Sea.
By Danny Meegan