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10 Upcoming Video Games To Look Out For In April 2017

This year isn't slowing down yet.
By Cole Collinson

10 Beloved Video Game Moments That Would Be Too Offensive In 2017

Oh, Final Fantasy VII, you've not aged well...
By Scott Tailford

Xbox Project Scorpio Reveal - 10 Things We Learned

Sony and the PS4 Pro literally cannot compete.
By Scott Tailford
+ Film

War Is Hell: Call Of Duty Will Be The Next Movie Universe

Yet another shared universe to get excited about...
By Simon Gallagher

Ghost Recon: Wildlands - 6 Reasons The Story Completely Fails

So much promise, such terrible execution.
By Lukasz Muniowski

10 Best Video Games From Q1 2017 - Ranked

An embarrassment of riches.
By Jack Pooley

Call Of Duty: Every Game Ranked From Worst To Best

The battle to end all battles...
By Simon Gallagher

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - 10 Subtly Genius Easter Eggs You Totally Missed

Decoding the Sheikah language is only the beginning...
By Scott Tailford

10 Of Nintendo's Weirdest & Most Forgotten Gaming Experiments

PlayStation VR? How about Famicom 3D?
By Cole Collinson

Nintendo Switch: 10 Console Features It Desperately Needs

The PS4 got it, so where are the Switch's custom themes?
By George Foster

6 Philosophical Ideas That Make Horizon Zero Dawn Even Better

There's even more to pick apart than you thought.
By Lukasz Muniowski

10 Notoriously Difficult Levels In Video Games

You didn't complete Through the Fire and Flames on Expert. Nobody did.
By Adam Hogg

Batman: Arkham Insurgency - 10 Things It Must Learn From Knight

If the rumours are true, what else needs to happen?
By Scott Tailford

Review: Thimbleweed Park

Pinch yourself: it really is a new Ron Gilbert LucasArt's classic.
By Benjamin Richardson

Mass Effect Andromeda - Ranking Every Character From Worst To 'Best'

Tempest vs. Normandy. Normandy wins. Flawless victory.
By Scott Tailford

10 Hotly-Anticipated Video Games That Must Be At E3 2017

Are you ready for the return of Assassin's Creed?
By Scott Tailford

WrestleMania 33 - WWE 2K17 Simulation

Is this how Sunday will go down?
By WhatCulture

Ranking Every Dark Souls Boss From Worst To Best

Half-naked spider-women, wolves with swords - only in Dark Souls...
By Adam Hogg

16 Insanely Underrated PS4 Exclusives You Must Play

Step aside, Uncharted 4 and Horizon, you're not as ahead of the pack as you think.
By Scott Tailford
+ Sport

10 Best Baseball Video Games Of All Time

Where most step up to the plate and strikeout, these hit a home run.
By Martin Harp

8 Nintendo Switch Criticisms That Also Apply To The PS4 & Xbox One

All's fair in love and console war, but keep it fair.
By Scott Tailford

7 Reasons Horizon Zero Dawn Is Better Than Uncharted 4

Naughty Dog were going to pass their torch someday.
By Scott Tailford

10 Worst Boss Battles In Final Fantasy History - Ranked

One-shot kills and 3.3 million HP? Sounds fair.
By Dan Cross
+ Sport

10 Worst Ever FIFA Games - Ranked

The not-so-beautiful games.
By Mark Langshaw

11 Ways Bioware Should Have Made Mass Effect Andromeda

How to write a story worth five years and 40 million dollars.
By Scott Tailford

8 Reasons Persona 5 Is One Of The PS4's Most Promising Exclusives

Game of the year contender? This one could very well be game of the decade.
By Sam Denton

Splatoon: 10 Best Multiplayer Maps - Ranked

Which Splatoon map rules the roost?
By George Foster

Every Mass Effect Andromeda Sex Scene You Clearly Want To See

We'll bang, okay?
By Scott Tailford

Zelda: Breath Of The Wild - Ranking Every Character From Worst To Best

Prince Sidon, better than all?
By Scott Tailford

10 Phenomenal 2017 Video Games You're Already Missing Out On

Don't get TOO distracted by Horizon, Zelda and Ghost Recon...
By Scott Tailford