10 2019 Video Games That Won't Get Enough Love

Where is the love?


The number of quality releases in 2019 so far is absolutely incredible.

From long-awaited games like Kingdom Hearts 3 and Devil May Cry 5 to brand new games like Sekiro, the first few months of this year have already been pretty hard to top.

That excitement continues throughout the whole year, with new big releases coming out every single month. There's almost too much to play, and we don't even know about some of the games that might be playable in 2019.

That has a big downside though: a lot of well-deserving games end up getting ignored.

This has always been the case and unfortunately, it will always be the case.

In the case of these games, we think they're some of the most likely ones to fly under the radar a bit. That doesn't mean they're small games either; it may just be because of factors beyond their control.

The best we can do is try and highlight these games as much as possible, in the hope that more and more people will start looking forward to them.

By no means are we guaranteeing the quality of these games, but we do think they all deserve at the very least a second look.

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