10 Amazing, Obscure Versions Of Video Game Consoles

Even £55,000 won't buy you more than 5 hours of battery life.

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Nowadays, you can barely move for special edition, hyper edition, deluxe edition, and a whole load of other 'editions' of consoles coupled with various silly adjectives, but once upon time, it was pretty much one model for everybody, with generally only regional separation resulting in major hardware differences.

All European SNES players remember which bucket they chundered into when they first saw Lance Barr's lilac-hued angular North American re-design, and likewise gamers the world over can distinctly remember salivating across the latest issue of their favourite games mag upon laying eyes on the naughtily nice jet black Net Yaroze PlayStation.

And that's before even mentioning the similarly sable and similarly sexy Sega Sports Dreamcast. Dreamy.

Though relatively rare, the black brethren mentioned above are fairly familiar to a majority of the gaming fraternity with a passing interest in the industry's history. But there's another category of consoles so extremely obscure that only a handful of people have so much as seen them in the flesh.

In some cases, you wouldn't really want to.

Credit to the folks over at Console Variations for several of the images of these super rare bits of kit featured throughout the article.

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Editorial Team

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