10 Best Baseball Video Games Of All Time

Where most step up to the plate and strikeout, these hit a home run.

MLB Slugfest
Midway Games

It's that time of year again, Spring is upon us and baseball is rearing its head. After what many consider one of the best World Series in years, the Chicago Cubs secured their first win in 108 years over the Cleveland Indians, and as a Cleveland native, that sentence still hurts to write. With a World Series that not only stretched to seven games but even to extra innings, there's sure to be a larger crowd flocking to MLB games over the next year.

What better way to celebrate the return of America's Pastime than with video games? There's no denying that over the years baseball video games have become less prominent, in part thanks to a decrease in popularity and Sony's stranglehold on the genre, but there was certainly a time where baseball games were a hot ticket item, with multiple releases coming from multiple publishers in the same year.

Of course, the MLB isn't the only place baseball can exist, and that's certainly a fact when it comes to the video game world. While most good baseball games released were licensed by the MLB, not all of them were. Expect to see a couple surprises on here as you move forward, and with that said, batter up, and let's take a swing at the best baseball games in video game history.

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