10 Best Games From E3 2013

What a four days E3 was. It has been a rather explosive expo for a ton of reasons, but the…

Patrick Dane


Joker_Batman Arkham Origins

What a four days E3 was. It has been a rather explosive expo for a ton of reasons, but the biggest talking points have been dominated by DRM, used games and privacy issues. The war that has been started is a deeply complicated one for consumers to publishers, and it seems like almost every aspect of gaming is at war with with each other. Sony vs. Microsoft. Digital vs. Physical. Consumer vs. Corporation. I could go on and on. The games industry is certainly a hostile place at the moment, but while also being utterly fascinating.

However, with this seminal E3 now at a close, a lot of people seem to have almost forgot about the games. There have been some really massive announcements, and actually a surprising amount of ideas that open up genuinely interesting implications for game development. Tablet integration and the use of online connectivity have been the big trends of the conference, and they certainly can be used to create fascinating gaming experiences in the future. Even their implementation for the games on show at the expo have gotten me and a bunch of others excited.

I have been running around the LA convention center trying to catch as much as I possibly could to report back to you guys what is really going to be worth your time. I have seen over 30 games myself and that isn’t even including all the trailers and demos that were showcased at the reveal events. In terms of my own list, I will only be adding games that were on the showroom floor, because as much as I want to put Battlefront on the list, that short trailer unfortunately just can’t be judged fairly. These are the 10 games that you should really look out for over the coming months (maybe years).

So enough with the yelling, the anger and the debates that have dominated the headlines, lets get down to the games. These are the best games of E3 2013…