10 Best PS4 Video Games Of 2017

10. Knack II

Knack 2

The sequel pretty much nobody wanted or asked for, Knack II flew under the radar when it hit shelves earlier this year, and despite being an improvement over the maligned original, once again didn't strike a chord with gamers.

It was probably never going to though, as the action-adventure title is aimed at a much younger audience than the rest of Playstation's exclusive library. With that in mind, it's nice to see Sony pursuing this style of game, even when something more akin to Horizon would probably net them a much higher profit margin.

Likewise, as a casual experience, Knack II is surprisingly pretty damn good, and you can bet the next generation of Playstation fans will have fond memories of growing up playing stellar releases like this.

Action-platformers such as Knack have long since been in vogue, but that doesn't stop this enjoyable sequel from being a solid game in its own right.


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