10 Best PS4 Video Games Of 2017

From Hellblade to Horizon, Sony has had an amazing year.

Ps4 video games

It's been a good year to be a Playstation fan. After starting off the generation with very few must-play exclusive games on the horizon, pumping out underwhelming shlock like The Order: 1886 to tide players over, over the course of 2017, Sony have confidently unveiled every last surprise they've been working on since launching back in 2013.

It took them a while to get here, but between incredible blockbuster sequels such as Uncharted 4 already out and a bucketload of amazing titles to look forward to including a rebooted God of War, Spider-Man and Days Gone, Sony have a solid roadmap of releases to see them through to the end of the console cycle.

Before we get ahead of ourselves and start looking at the years to come though, it's worth taking stock of the past 12 months and the wealth of quality games Sony have put out, just to see where they stack up against one another.

Long awaited sequels, fan-favourite remakes and new instant-classic franchises have all hit shelves over 2017 exclusively for the PS4 (ok, some of them came to PC too), but only one can be crowned the winner of Sony's most successful year of the generation so far.


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