10 Best Video Games Of 2017 You Haven't Played

2017 isn't all about Zelda, you know...

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2017 has easily been the most quality-packed year of the generation so far. Storied from top to bottom with controversy, new consoles, returns from beloved IP and everything in between, we'll be talking about this year's releases far more than, say, 2014's dirge of forgettable nonsense.

That said, how have your gaming habits changed across the past 12 months?

The indie scene has certainly taken one hell of a step up, transforming from side-scrolling platformers into full-blown, triple A-rivalling behemoths like the mighty Hellblade: Senua's Sacrifice. In terms of the most expensive games though, almost every last one has either underperformed or been received negatively - look to your Mass Effects, Ghost Recons, Need for Speeds and - worst of all - Star Wars Battlefront 2s.

How a company as resource-heavy as EA makes a Star Wars sequel that sells less than its already negatively-received 2015 incarnation is beyond me, but such is the state of gaming in 2017. Indeed, to find the best, richest and most worthwhile experiences, you need to look further afield.

Not to knock the mass-market ilk of Zelda or Horizon, but there are plenty of alternatives that also deserve a spot in your collection...

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