10 Best Zombie Video Games Of The Decade (So Far)

Is Undead Nightmare the finest undead shooter since 2010?


In the late 2000s you couldn't move for zombie games. Between the likes of Left 4 Dead and Dead Rising, the genre saw a huge boom that developers both big and small were trying to get in on. A lot of these projects were doomed to fail of course, but the zombie renaissance did lead to some of the defining games and franchises of the whole decade, ushering in new styles of gameplay and allowing unique ideas to thrive.

The craze to shove the walking dead into each and every game has died down as the 2010s have worn on however, and the genre isn't anywhere near as popular as it once was. That doesn't mean that great zombie games aren't being made though, and if anything the lack of huge releases, at least in the console space, has resulted in more considered and interesting entries in the genre.

It's not enough to just be yet another zombie game anymore, and developers these days have to bring something new to the table if they want to have their title recognised and picked up. Thankfully they've been more than up to the task, and the decade has seen some outstanding genre titles that are destined to rub shoulders with the greats.


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