10 Biggest Boss Battles In Video Game History - Ranked By Size

7. MAWLR (Killzone 3)

Approximate Size: 280 metres

The Mounted Artillery Walker/Long Range, MAWLR, or “Mauler” to its friends, is the massive Helghast war machine capable of taking on entire battalions of enemy soldiers by itself. Technically it is a mechanised weapon, though in reality, its scale, firepower and manoeuvrability make it a walking battleship.

This ten-storey high battle tank is armed with heavy arc cannons, autocannons, and missile batteries, and is capable of taking down ISA Cruisers, as well as crushing heavily armoured vehicles such as tanks.

Of course, why shoot a soft, squishy human when you can just step on them, right?

Fortunately for the ISA, the MAWLR suffers that same weakness shared by so many other mechanised superstructures – vents.

To keep the enormous walker from overheating, it is covered in numerous cooling vents that keep the weapons and the machinery of the MAWLR itself from overheating. Take these out with a few well placed rockets, and you can watch the robotic beast crumble. Just make sure you're not stood underneath it when it comes tumbling down.

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