10 Biggest Boss Battles In Video Game History - Ranked By Size

6. Red Eye (Lost Planet 2)

Approximate Size: 305 metres

After colonists arrived on the poetically named planet of E.D.N. III, they quickly realised they needed mechanised armour and more powerful weapons to help them defend themselves against the huge range of Akrid creatures indigenous to the planet.

Broadly speaking, as dangerous as the Akrid still remained, humans now had a fighting chance and were able to colonise the planet and mine for Thermal Energy.

However, some enemies are just too big and strong to try to tangle with, as one of the game's protagonists learns while riding a train loaded with Thermal Energy. From the rumblings in the ground emerges a monstrous worm over 1,000 feet long (potentially longer) that is covered in an unhealthy mix of eyes, teeth, antennae and tentacles, all of which are primarily used to either catch prey or eat it.

Despite its enormous size the creature is perfectly adapted to the terrain and moves both under and over ground frighteningly quickly. As its attacks pull the train to pieces, your only choice is to escape by air, choosing to continue the fight another day once you've managed to get your hands on a rail gun.

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