10 Cancelled Star Wars Video Games That Would’ve Made Millions

A Darth Maul game isn't the only shelved project that would make millions.

When the world learned of LucasArts€™ untimely passing, the grief felt across the gaming spectrum was palpable - there had been a disturbance in the force.

A few months after they imploded, insiders opened up to Game Informer about the troubles that had plagued the once renowned studio, and more interestingly, the games they left behind. The tantalising list of titles that never saw the light of day are sure to tug on the heartstrings of not just the most ardent of Star Wars fans, but the hardest of gamers worldwide as well.

Despite a particularly woeful spell of titles that started with Star Wars: Kinect, LucasArts were once famed for their spectacular Star Wars releases in a career that spanned decades - many of the games even garnered accolades most unlicensed projects never could. On top of that, the studio was dissolved just when things were beginning to look up for them again, with the demo for '1313' adorning much praise and excitement from both the community and critics alike.

Long sought-after sequels and new IPs alike, the demise of LucasArts and the games that could have been make for a tragedy almost Shakespearean in scale, making for what may just be a series of the most woeful decisions ever to be taken by a studio in our entire ten-year history covering the medium.

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