10 Glitches That Actually IMPROVED Video Games

10. Lara Croft Cleavage


Long hair, ridiculously short on clothing and a double D bra size—Lara Croft was never quite designed for the archaeologist lifestyle, and yet she’s right up there with Indiana Jones as one of the most famous of all time.

It therefore makes sense that she wasn’t “designed,” per se, as we’ve always known her to appear in the Tomb Raider series.

Among all her pointily-pixelled assets, Croft’s block-like bosom is probably the most famous of the lot, but creator Toby Gard never intended for her breasts to be quite so ample.

It was in the late phases of the original Tomb Raider’s development that an intended 50% bump in boob size accidentally became 150%, transforming Lara from level-headed legionnaire into a buxom beauty who was also good at exploring and excavating and stuff.

Eidos Interactive liked the end result so much it remained a signature feature of Croft’s for every Tomb Raider until Square Enix gave her a more modest, less “AOOOOOGA” aesthetic in 2015.

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