10 Glitches That Actually IMPROVED Video Games

Glitching never felt so good.

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“Glitch” is a dirty word in the video game industry and one that often comes with bad connotations, but much like reading a 50 Shades of Grey novel, there is some good that can come from making a horrible, horrible mistake.

Technology is a tricky business, and particularly in the early days of console gaming, certain releases would often make it onto shop shelves with bugs and imperfections that were already known to everyone and your great nan by the time they were spotted by development teams.

Of course the vast majority of these were undesirable and thus led to awkward recalls and apologies, albeit much less common to see such occurrences in the modern era of games.

But then are those happy accidents, those instances where not only was a glitch accepted by the masses but outright improved its game, either by becoming a cult-favoured feature of said title or even modifying the gameplay itself to give it a new edge.

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