10 Greatest Batman Video Games Of All-Time

9. The Adventures of Batman & Robin - (1994 - Sega)

So this particular game gets two separate entries. The less fortunate of the two entries is the Sega Genesis (also known as "Megabox") version, which featured 2-player platform shooter action challenging enough to make me want to smash my TV to little tiny pieces. The player moves in an unwavering line from left to right as either Batman or Robin, flinging batarangs and other multimillion dollar objects at an unending stream of guys in questionable clothing. The game picks up with a short intro cutscene (a rare thing for a Sega game) that really showcase the amazing design used in building the game world. It doesn't take long into this game to realize that, if nothing else, you are in for a seriously dramatic ride. Not surprising considering the soundtrack was composed by then up-and-comer Jesper Kyd, who has since proved himself one of the best composers in videogame music history. After a seriously epic escape from Arkham Asylum scene, you and a friend hit ground as Batman and Robin (both of which play exactly the same) and start immediately blasting bad dudes with batarangs, your primary weapon. The basic design of the game was pretty standard for the time: Step 1) Move to the right Step 2) If you see an enemy, shoot him with 'B' Step 3) If he is too close, punch him with 'B' Step 4) Jump a lot to avoid being killed by a boss that spams flashing balls of death The one unique aspect of the game was that the player was encouraged to hold their fire, as going longer without shooting would charge your attack with a special ability. The ability to play with a friend is a huge selling point in this game, because that game starts out something like this: 1) you start the game, 2) you die, 3) you die again 4) repeat steps 2 and 3 until step 1 is necessary. So it's a good thing you and a friend can team up against evil, because in this game evil has a serious advantage.
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