10 Greatest Batman Video Games Of All-Time

The Caped Crusader has had more than his fair share of videogames over the years but which is the best?

Batman has had more than his fair share of videogames over the years. Some have been great, some not so great and some down right awful. That's kind of how it goes when you're as famous as he is. But how can you tell the good games from the bad? How do you know whether you are buying the Batman with a stately chin and a barrel chest or the Batman with hair plugs and a beer gut (figuratively speaking)? Well, the answer is simple, because it's the same answer that all of your problems have: listen to me. Or....read what I type. Whatever, you get the point. So without further procrastination, here are the best 10 Batman games on the market.

10. Gotham City Impostors (2012 - PC)

Gotham City Imposters might not have had all that much actual Batman in it, but for those of us out there that have followed the Dark Knight since we were kids, Impostors featured a character much more readily identifiable in our minds, us. Monolith Productions' 2012 online FPS puts the player in the shoes of...well....themselves, I guess; or at least themselves in an alternate reality. Rather than focusing on Batman and The Joker, Gotham City Impostors puts you in the roll of a fanatical fan, drawn to join one of two competing gangs, who are either out to spread or contain chaos on the streets of Gotham whenever Batman turns his back or sleeps or takes entire Russian ballets on world tours on his yacht. Whatever Batman is up to when he's not guarding the streets, the imposters are up to absolute mayhem. Based on Call of Duty's engine and core play mechanics, Gotham City Impostors makes a pretty solid stand as an online FPS, though it adds very little to the actual mechanics of the genre. There were a few twists, including the "travel power" with which characters selected a makeshift way to get around such as roller skates or hang gliders. This increased mobility certainly gave the game a bit more of a playful feel, and helped it stand out. But character customization is where Impostors really shined. Players can customize their character and their weapons to a completely uncalled for point, which made for a lot of fun in the costume screen, despite realizations that I was only really playing "Batman dress up". And while Gotham City Impostors might not stand out in the FPS genre, it does stand out in the Batman genre for two very important reasons. 1) It's the only big budget Batman FPS game made and , 2) it's the only Batman game made that has a focus on online multiplayer. Those two facts alone should be enough to convince you to fork over the $15 the game costs on Steam. If they aren't, well then you probably just don't have enough love for The Bat, man.
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