10 Iconic Video Game Mascots (That Actually Suck)

8. Captain Falcon

Next up we have Captain Falcon, star of the F-Zero racing series and poster-dude for the GameCube. Although the Captain never quite took off as a leading man, he is still iconic in the sense he mirrored his console quite well (i.e. he was a failure) and most gamers over 18 know about him. Falcon is a character that tries to embrace the cool Boba Fett-type look, having a hard-ass backstory and a slick metal suit to match. Unfortunately, he was also another tragic victim of the 'cutesie bug' that infects so many Nintendo creations, forming a juxtaposition that really doesn't work. The effeminately costumed racer would look more at home as an extra in Dragon Ball Z than fronting a video game, his colourful yet muscular appearance making him seem either schizophrenic or sexually confused. Saying that, the character may have worked if his game corresponded to his appearance a bit more. He fronted a fairly uninspired (if teeth-pullingly difficult) racer, a far cry to the extravaganza his costume promises. So as it stands, he's a little dull. All pants and no trousers. All tongue and no teeth. All farts and no poop. All... oh you get the point.
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