10 Iconic Video Game Mascots (That Actually Suck)

7. Gex

Iconic? Gex?! You've got to be kitten me! No wait, that doesn't work... screw it. Gex is a anthropomorphic lizard who Crystal Dynamics desperately tried to make look cool. They did this by giving him sunglasses, a bad attitude, and even worse; jokes, which were often out-of-place pop-culture references only severe brain damage would make amusing. Gex was designed in a similar vein to Crash Bandicoot, in that they were both largely animal-themed and enjoyed platforming. The main difference between the two being that Crash had an array of interesting characters and levels, while Gex had bad 'jokes' and sunglasses. Inevitably he was dropped as a mascot by everybody on account of being terrible and nobody liking him.
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