10 (More) Forgotten Video Game Franchises That Need To Make A Comeback

2. Alundra

Alundra Stories tell of a silent hero, an elf who must venture into dungeons and defeat monsters in order to aid the townspeople he has sworn to protect. His tale is the Legend of Zel- wait, who the hell is Alundra? One of the best Zelda clones ever created, and I actually mean that as a compliment, Alundra, for the Playstation, was an unashamed attempt to provide Sony fans with the Zelda experience, and they did an extremely good job. The puzzle, plots and combat elements were all very solid, and there was the additional ability of the protagonist to enter the dreams of the other characters €“ an extremely cool dynamic that allowed for endless surreal experiences. The world was rich and extensive, with deeper characters than the standard RPG fare. The sequel was a good game as well, but had nothing to do with the original and sales suffered accordingly. Sony still haven€™t seen a fantasy action adventure franchise that could come close to challenging Zelda, so perhaps it€™s time for the original dream-walker to dust off his sword and bow and step back into the fray.
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