10 (More) Forgotten Video Game Franchises That Need To Make A Comeback

1. Fifa


With only one entry per year, we need to wait an agonising period of months and months for all of the radical gameplay changes needed to improve an ever-changing title. It€™s time to say €œno more€, and insist on a new FIFA at least twice a year, at the very least. After all, there are infinite ways to kick a ball. Alright, alright, jokes aside. Let€™s move onto the real number one.

1. Pilotwings

Pilotwings Up, up and away! Utilise planes, jet-packs, hang-gliders and parachutes as you take to the skies and try to earn your gold pilot license. The Pilotwings franchise saw one entry on the SNES and another on the N64, and both games were exceptional. Playing as one of several potential pilots, you got to prove your flying expertise with precision manoeuvres, bringing your plane in for a perfect runway landing or formation sky-diving €“ both of which were quite a bit harder than games have any right to be. Points were awarded for speed and precision, and getting a gold medal in all the missions was a true challenge. The joy of this game was in the controls and gameplay; you really felt the sensation of soaring through the air in a way that many actual flight simulators have struggled to replicate. With the Wii U€™s motion sensing capabilities, there€™s a golden opportunity to bring back the Pilotwings team with a brand new control scheme. I€™ll see you on the runway! Do you agree or disagree with the suggestions in the article? Post your thoughts on game franchises that deserve a sequel in the comments box below, and don€™t forget to like us on Facebook and Twitter.

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