10 Most Shocking Video Game Plot Twists Of 2018

Did ANYONE see Far Cry 5's ending coming?


A quick tangent, but could Black Mirror: Bandersnatch be considered a video game?

The fact that it’s only available via Netflix would likely disqualify it in the minds of many, but it’s a question worth considering. Bandersnatch demands both attention and input from the viewer, and isn’t too drastically different from something like Night Trap or Her Story - both of which are broadly accepted as games.

This may not seem relevant to the topic at hand, but Bandersnatch, much like many of the games on this list, breaks boundaries and subverts audience expectations in a way that is inherently unique to gaming. Much like Bioshock’s unforgettable ‘Would You Kindly’ twist, Black Mirror: Bandersnatch allows viewers to revel in the freedom of choice until they discover that, in reality, they were the ones being played.

Netflix junkies may be new to these fourth-wall-busting plot twists, but they’re nothing new to gamers. Titles like Spec Ops: The Line, Silent Hill 2, and Heavy Rain have been at it since Netflix was in its infancy, and in 2018 that trend was continued as players were met with some of the most mind-twisting plot threads in recent history.

Note: Major spoilers ahead.

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