10 Reasons The PS4 Will Always Be Better Than The Xbox One

Can't we all just get along? No.

Right now we're embroiled in a good ol' fashioned console war, with both sides taking up their respective digital arms and priming them with a slew of titles, console features and exclusives left, right and centre. On every video for pretty much any game you'll get a slew of comments as both Xbox and PS4 owners fire salvos across the bow by attempting to narrow down things down to frame rates, certain titles or a particular glitch only seen on one or the other - but really it comes down to nothing more than some schoolyard-style "Mine's better than yours!" shenanigans. The thing is though, so many people hate the idea of it. There's always another top commenter uttering some sort of peaceful resolution, all like "Hey guys, just enjoy all the games, there's no problem!" and of course no, there's no real problem at all - it's all fun. However, the main thing to remember is the more the 'console wars' heat up, the consumers always wins. Why? Well, just take a look at the free (through membership) monthly offerings from both sides as each one tries to throw as many quality titles your way as possible, with massively discounted Steam-like sales happening every month, all centred around you sticking with one or the other. So don't avoid getting stuck in and proudly flying your flag. Think of it as friendly, healthy competition - only great things can come from two billion-dollar companies vying for your attention, and so far well, let's face it; PS4 is absolutely steamrolling the Xbox One right now.

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