10 Reasons The PS4 Will Always Be Better Than The Xbox One

10. The DualShock 4 Beats The... Whatever It's Called

That controller man, it took everything people wanted from the Xbox 360's hardware i.e. a chunkier form factor, more responsive triggers and a weightier all-round feel, and threw in a myriad of features developers can faff around with to their heart's content. The LED light remains fairly pointless, but that doesn't mean someone won't think of a way to make it an integral game function. Then there's the touchpad, handily-placed Share and Options buttons and motion controls for the titles that can actually use them well (hello, graffiti in Infamous: Second Son). Microsoft's way of 'implementing' on the 360's pad was to shave off the battery back and throw a few more motors in there for more specific vibrations.... big whoop. Apparently the Kinect was supposed to handle the motion side of things by tracking it, but we all know how spectacularly that went up in a ball of flames, so what's left now is an awkward-feeling hybrid that's already inferior to what the 360 offered over a decade ago.
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