10 Times Video Game Franchises Were Rebooted Into The Worst Thing Ever

Every video game has to go through its edgy teenager phase.

Crystal Dynamics

Although other mediums often get reboots completely wrong, video game studio of late have absolutely nailed it when they decide a long-serving franchise is need of a new direction.

Because between the likes of 2013's Tomb Raider and last year's Doom, classic properties have recently been re-energised in a way that has launched them back to the top of the gaming world.

But video game reboots haven't always been as good as they are today, and there have been some disastrous - and even downright insulting - attempts at relaunching beloved franchises over the years. Sometimes you don't know how much you enjoy a thing until it's taken away from you and morphed into something completely unrecognisable, and these reboots proved that change isn't always for the best.

Whether they were big names brought back from the dead after years of languishing in obscurity, or popular titles that underwent radical changes seemingly made on a whim, these are the sequels, prequels and re-imaginings that made fans regret ever asking for a new game in their favourite franchises.


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