10 Times Video Game Franchises Were Rebooted Into The Worst Thing Ever

9. Tomb Raider: Angel Of Darkness

Tomb Raider angel of darkness
Square Enix

With the release of the PS2, Eidos Interactive decided that Lara Croft needed to be edgier if she was going to go head to head with other successful games on the new generation of consoles.

Keeping the same basic mechanics as the previous releases but adopting a new RPG-inspired focus, the game was decidedly more story heavy than any of the titles that came before it.

Unfortunately though, much of the charm of the earlier PS1 games came from the sense of adventure and the weird intricacies of the exotic tombs you were exploring rather than Lara's personal drama. So when Angel of Darkness decided to ditch this focus for the most part and instead attempted to create a strange espionage story in its place, most fans didn't take to the new approach too kindly.

Thankfully the developers quickly realised it wasn't the direction that players wanted and rebooted the franchise again two years later in 2007, leaving Angel of Darkness to be remembered as the embarrassing Hot Topic teen phase of the whole Tomb Raider series.


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