10 Upcoming Video Games To Look Out For In April 2017

This year isn't slowing down yet.


March 2017 was a veritable storm of non-stop releases. What with the new Zelda, the new Mass Effect and Nier: Automata, you'd be right in thinking April has a tall order to stand out against such a stellar list of titles. So what does it look like?

First off is the obvious: there's one particular JRPG on everyone's mind, it's scoring an incredible 94 on Metacritic right now, and you've either never heard of it, or you're probably already sinking your teeth in.

Elephant in the room aside, there's also a bit more coming down the pipeline in April to look forward too: A kickstarted revival of the 3D collect-a-thon platformer is finally hitting the finish line this month, alongside the next spin-off of the storied Dragon Quest franchise.

Although it's otherwise a bit of a dry month for Nintendo exclusives, those of you looking for a game to pop into your Switch could be revving your engines - that is, if you haven't already played the bejeezus out of it on Wii U. Perhaps the biggest thing to look towards this month isn't the big name games, but the smaller ones.

There's a particular Tetris game from a few years back that's finally crossing over from Japanese shores, along with... a Micro Machines game?

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